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National Nurses Association of Kenya

The National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNA-Kenya) is a professional association representing all cadres of nurses in Kenya drawn from practice settings, education and research institutions. Established in 1968, it is duly registered under Cap 108 of the laws of Kenya. It has branches in all the 47 counties across the country. It exists to promote excellence in nursing and midwifery.

Located at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi

P.O Box 49422-00100, Nairobi


Cell phone: +254-725072263

Midwives Association of Kenya

The Midwives Association of Kenya was formed in 2016 with the aim to advocate for midwifery as separate profession, strengthen midwifery profession for quality care and to promote midwifery as standard of care for child bearing families

Located at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi

P.O. Box 28591 – 00200 Nairobi


Cell Phones: +254 722-483-245, +254 780-472-222

National Midwives Association of Uganda

National Midwives Association of Uganda was formally registered in 2018.  It aims to contribute towards the improvement of midwifery standards and competence in Uganda, Maintain, facilitate, and develop midwifery networks, Encourage innovativeness among midwives, Influence and contribute to the development of health policies favorable to midwifery in Uganda.


Located at the Uganda Ministry of Health

Department of Nursing and Midwifery

P. O. Box 7272 Kampala

Tel No: 041-4- 231564



 Currently being developed

Uganda Private Midwives Association

Uganda Private Midwives Association is a membership Non-Governmental Organization Founded by Twelve midwives in 1948. Currently has a national membership network of 750 private midwives covering 14 branches countrywide. UPMA works in partnership with others for the well-being of women and their families.

Located on Plot 545, Off Butikiro road, Kampala, Uganda

P.O Box 71114 Kampala


Tel: +256 414 667489

Uganda Nurses & Midwives Union

The Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union, UNMU was established and registered in 2003 to represent the nurses and midwives in Uganda. It is both a professional body as well as a labor organization. As a professional organization, UNMU focuses on ensuring that the profession is practiced at the highest possible standard.

Located at Mulago National Referral Hospital at Upper Mulago road, Kampala

PO Box 8322, Kampala


Tel: + 256 414 323 302

Association of Graduate Midwives & Nurses of Uganda

Association of Graduate Midwives & Nurses of Uganda was formally registered in July 2018. It was established to promote the recognition and utilization of nurses and midwives trained at bachelor degree level in order to promote quality nursing and midwifery services to the population of Uganda.  


Currently being developed

Tanzania National Nurses Association

Tanzania National Nurses Association was established in Tanzania on 29th November 1971 which by then was known as Tanzania registered Nurses Association (TARENA). In 2005 the constitution was reviewed and our Association changed to Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA)

Located at Mbezi Beach, Tangi Bovu, Dar es Salaam.

P.O Box 11836 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Tel: +255 658 781 028

 Currently being developed

Tanzania Midwives Association

The Tanzania Midwives Association (TAMA) is the national professional association of registered and enrolled midwives in Tanzania. It is an independent volunteer-led organization with 19 branches and more than 4,000 active members. It was founded in 1992. TAMA advocates for policies to ensure that every childbearing woman and every newborn child in Tanzania has access to quality medical care from a competent midwife.

Located at the Muhimbili National Hospital,

Dar es Salaam

P.O Box 65524 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Tel: +255 738 324 746

Zanzibar Nurses Association

The Zanzibar Nurses Association (ZANA) is a non-governmental organization registered in Zanzibar since 1992 with the aim to improve the professional standard of nursing care and services that promote the well being of the community particularly women and children

Located at Magomeni kwa Thabiti Kombo, Zanzibar 

P.O.Box 1394, Zanzibar

E-mail :

Tel: +255 777 412 261