As nurses,one of the key elements of practise is keeping upto date with the latest practise and One of the many ways to stay connected to the site is to be upto par with the updates and announcements from the Global Health Network Website.Here you will be able to have access to the individual network recent updates as well.

Should you or your team need a more formal introduction to specific topics (or even an update - it's always good to keep up to date!) then save our Training Centre page as a bookmark. These tie in with the Professional Membership Scheme which will help you and your staff document your career progression over time and work towards specific goals (such as for instance moving from reviewing protocols to writing protocols). Managers can integrate these learning opportunities into a bespoke competency framework for nurses working in trials or other clinical research studies. We'd love feedback on how you experience these applications so keep in touch. Nurses have their ears to the ground and must be represented in these areas.