In the 21st century, due to the growing population of adults above the age of 65, geriatric nursing has emerged as a new focus of health studies. An article by Penn State University about modern geriatric nursing,emphasizes the various and complex characteristics of this field of work and study. These can include chronic disease management, negligence and discrimination fueled by stereotypes about aging.

For more information/resources regarding geriatrics and gerontology:

  • Journal of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology: The main objective of this journal is to provide opportunities for publication, education, and exchange of opinions, as well as to promote research and publications globally in all aspects of geriatrics.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine: While this journal publishes articles on a variety of healthcare topics and specialties, “Geriatrics and Aging” are one of its main focuses. The articles address health policy, disease management and research, among others.
  • American Geriatrics Society (GAS): GAS is a not-for-profit society that brings together healthcare professionals focused on geriatric care in order to exchange knowledge and advocate for the health and well being of aging populations. 
  • Geneva International Network on Ageing (GINA): GINA is an interdisciplinary, international network of organizations that provides initiatives based on a variety of aging-related concerns. Concerns regarding aging vary; however, GINA aims to resolve concerns about autonomy, care, integration in society and human rights for all members of society.