Renal nursing is a multi-dimensional approach to the care and management of those with kidney disease, as well as for those who are at risk of developing kidney disease. There are a variety of emerging issues that revolve around early diagnosis, slowing progression, medication management, racial disparities and management of comorbidities associated with renal nursing. Due to the increase in those living with kidney disease, current practice is aimed at developing and implementing an evidence-based model of care.  

For more information regarding renal nursing: 

  • Journal of Renal CareThis peer-reviewed, international journal is for researchers and care providers specialized in this particular branch of healthcare. It aims to bring together recent scholarship in an effort to share knowledge and improve treatments and care given. 
  • Journal of Kidney Care: This is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed publication for all members of the multidisciplinary renal team. It broadly covers renal medicine, such as dialysis, transplantation, diabetes and nutrition.