Non-communicable diseases have emerged as a widespread international health concern. WHO recognizes NCDs as a major impediment to sustainable development because of the required multifaceted approach to both prevention and treatment. They are diseases that cannot be transmitted from one person to the next, and rather, are slow progressing and long lasting. These diseases can include heart disease, Parkinson’s, diabetes, most cancers and autoimmune diseases. 

For more information/resources regarding NCDs:

  • NCD Alliance: This United Nations Agency focuses on advocacy, capacity development, knowledge exchange and accountability for NCD prevention and control. 
  • Knowledge Action Portal: As a community-driven platform, this online resource aims to educate and promote understanding of the risks, treatments and prevention of NCDs across all sectors of international society. 
  • NCD Toolkit: The WHO features a variety of resources associated with NCDs and their risk factors. These resources include publications, NCD progress monitors and individual country profiles.