The aim of this site is to provide nurses with content to guide them in practise.According to a research done at the Hamad Medical Corporation(HMC),Qatar on the impact of eLearning on nurses professional knowledge and practise,it was concluded that nursing staff can effectively use the e-learning at work as a technological educational tool.It enables the staff to accomplish their work requirements efficiently.

Professional development through provision of e-learning resources provides the needed support to staff and will help to attract and retain the very best health professionals.

The eLearning Centre has three different sections that you can benefit from:

  • E-Learning Short Courses

The short courses here are designed to provide information around health issues and nurses roles and protocols while addressing them. These courses should take about 45 minutes to complete and a certificate is issued on completion. Every course is written to be globally applicable, so for all diseases and all regions. They are also highly pragmatic and adaptable. Each course is carefully researched to provide up to date and high quality material that is peer reviewed and regularly reviewed and updated.

These courses are built through the support and partnership of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World-Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (www.wwarn.org) and The East African Consortium for Clinical Research (www.eaccr.org).

  • Other E-Learning Links

Under this section you will find links to e-learning resources, provided by other organisations, that are available online either free or at low cost. We recommend these resources as they help to support and enhance clinical research. Although many are disease specific their content is often adaptable.

Please tell us if you know of any free online courses or of access to training materials that are available and are not listed here: info@globalhealthtrials.org