As a nursing student juggling different units and clinical rotations,studying can get pretty chaotic at times.These Apps have been tailored to make learning more manageable and enjoyable as students strive to get good grades in nursing school.
Happy Studying!

1.Medcape : This site contains information about medical news, educational materials, latest updates, clinical references, and much more. It comes in over five languages, hence addresses the diversity of its audience.

2.Picmonic : This app utilizes a more exciting approach to learning through the use of imagery and storytelling that are easy to remember. It breaks the monotony of lecture slides and handwritten notes.

3.Anki App: This is an app that utilises the concept of flashcards (a card containing a small amount of information), to summarize concepts,formulas,processes etc 

4.Med Mnemonics : For some learners,mnemonics are a preferred choice of remembering processes, formulas, etc. This app allows you to edit the mnemonic to your liking, and to add one to the site if it is missing.

5.Epocrates: This app contains clinical references for disease information, clinical practice guidelines, alternative medications, lab guides, etc.

6.MiniNurse: This app contains general information such as medical terminologies, medical abbreviations, medical suffixes and prefixes, a different type of calculators, lung and heart sounds, subcutaneous injection sites, medical calculation practice, practice questions on various nursing subjects.

8:Pomodoro App: This App has done so much for people with problems in concentration. It utilizes the Pomodoro technique which uses a timer to breaks tasks into 25-minute span separated by short breaks.

9. Finally, YouTube is your best bet when it comes to videos, tutorials, and animated videography. For those who love combining the audio-visual aspect into learning, this is a sure bet! All you need is to type whichever topic you want, and videos related to that will appear.