As a nursing student, it can be overwhelming to try and balance different units and clinical rotations, as well as studying and schoolwork. These resources have been tailored to make learning more manageable and enjoyable as students strive to succeed in nursing school.

Happy Studying!

  • Medscape: This site contains information about medical news, educational materials, latest updates, clinical references, and much more. It comes in over five languages, making it accessible for a wide audience.
  • Picmonic: This site is free to join and employs imagery mnemonics to help students study, thus making it easier to recall information. 
  • AnkiApp: This app allows you to download pre-made flashcards or create your own to summarize concepts, formulas and/or processes to be tested in one-minute sessions, so that the content is more easily digestible.
  • Med Mnemonics: This app contains over 1,600 rhymes, acronyms and memory tricks covering topics from anatomy to pharmacology to surgery, all created to help with retention.
  • Epocrates: This clinical and medical reference app is a database of information on clinical practice guidelines, drug interactions and evidence-based, patient specific care guidelines.
  • MiniNurse: Created with nursing students in mind, this app contains general information such as medical terminologies, medical abbreviations, lung and heart sounds, subcutaneous injection sites, medical calculation practice as well as a section of practice questions on various topics related to nursing.
  • Focus To-Do: This app utilizes the Pomodoro techniquewhich uses a timer to separate tasks into 25-minute time periods separated by short breaks. This approach has been proven to help with concentration and focus.
  • YouTube: Depending on your area of focus, YouTube has plenty of audio-visual resources to integrate into studying and learning.