Paediatrics is one of the key areas in Nursing in which nurses are directly involved in the care and management of the illnesses.Most of the paediatric clinics are run by nurses and hence the importance of being updated on latest practises,treatment regimens and management.

The resources below will be helpful in that journey:

The Global Health Network also has alot of resources on the International Fetal and Newborn Growth Consortium site where they work with researchers and clinicians to prevent deaths that result from preterm birth or poor intrauterine growth.
East African Paediatric professional Bodies include:
  1. Uganda National Association of Paediatric Child Health Nurses (UNAPCHN):This is a consortium that brings together all practicing profession pediatric nurses in Uganda.
  2. Kenya Paediatric Association
  3. Uganda Paediatric Association
  4. Paediatric Association of Tanzania