Paediatric nurses have advanced skills and knowledge to care for children who present with acute or chronic illnesses, as well as a range of other medical and surgical needs. In East Africa, nurses are often in charge of paediatric clinics, which highlights the importance of remaining up-to-date on the latest practices, treatment regimens and management protocols. 

For more information/resources regarding paediatric nursing:

  • Basic Paediatric ProtocolsThis pocket book, created by WHO, is intended to be used by doctors, clinical officers, nurses and other professionals who are responsible for the care of sick newborns and young children.
  • International Paediatric Association: This is the only global body representing the professional societies in paediatrics. They advocate for children to get the very best curative and preventative treatment.
  • Newborn and Infant Resources: Under the Global Health Network, these are research-based resources for nurses and midwives on all topics related to paediatrics. 
  • Updates on HIV and Infant Feeding: Published by the WHO reproductive health library, this document lists the recommendations for infant feeding among mothers living with HIV in order to prevent new HIV infections. 

East African Paediatric Professional bodies include: